I hope to help and simultaneously gain insight through participation on raising a  child with autism, aspergers syndrome, and Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD) with comorbidity. My daughter of seven years was recently diagnosed with high functioning PDD, ADHD, and Anxiety. As a parent this was both a relief and a heartbreak. My wife and I were aware that our daughter was not like our other daughters, and I am sure like many parents we thought it was simply ADHD with minor obsessive compulsive tendencies, or perhaps quirkiness. Maybe she’s just a little eccentric… I am not sure how other parents perceive their children that exhibit these types of behaviors prior to diagnosis.

I will begin with a brief History of the Zor’s  escapades and work up to current day to day life, and  hopefully do so in a way that is humorous and won’t bore you to tears…

Before I begin, if your child exhibits any of the following I would suggest having him or her tested, as the earlier they are diagnosed the better our children are… and yes these all happened to my wife and I (daily in most cases)!

Your child gets kicked out of every daycare facility except those that have special needs programs within driving distance of your home from age 1.

Your child recites all of your family members phone numbers from memory on a whim at the age of 4.

Your child collects, dead bugs, rocks, phone numbers, leaves, or anything else in excess (150 dead lady bugs in a zip lock bag?)

Your child cannot look you in the eye or hold still no matter how much you threaten to punish him/her.

Your child never takes naps, never runs out of energy, and cannot or will not go to bed EVER!

Your child is told specifically not to do something  and 3 seconds later he or she does it anyway. Your punish them and they do it again 3 seconds later, you punish them, 3 seconds later… you get the idea. (Did I mention these kids require lots of patience!)

Your child has NEVER accepted the blame for something ANYTHING.

Your child tells the waitress matter of factually while making a face “what did you do to your hair… it looks horrible” (oh yeah you get to apologize a lot to strangers) or tells the Janitor who is taking out the trash “so when you gonna fix the floor in the elevator, well its his job”

Your child never outgrows Tantrums…

Your child does not like affection unless they want to give it in most cases!

Your child lacks empathy for others and pets… (swinging the family Chihuahua like a helicopter at the end of the leash in the back yard screaming Weeee… she likes it!)

Your child is very specific with roles; mom is mom, dad is dad, teachers are teachers,therefore dad cannot help with homework as he is not a teacher.

Your child exhibits repetitive behaviors, rituals, and/or ticks.

Knowing now like many parents I am sure! I feel both regret and relief, for I regret how I handled some of her interventions and am relieved that we now have a diagnosis so that we may begin to impact her life in a more effective manner thus relieving both our stresses (and ensuring survival on both our parts)!

Stay tuned as future posts will about the Zor and what we have been through!



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