It’s good to be the Zor!

Until this post I have been stating the negative or trying aspects of the Zor’s PDD.  There are many benefits, though on any given day they may not necessarily balance out against the energy expenditure; though as she gets older we hit the equilibrium a lot more often!

The Zor lacks social awareness so therefore, is not afraid in public to be friendly or interact. This in essence means she struts around like she owns the joint.  This is not lost on those of us that have our social awareness in check.  Due to this Zor is great at initial meetings or parties, the public pool, things of this sort.  Nearly zero trepidation.  As she is likely to ask a random adult at the pool why they are there… as she does not understand that they could be there for the same reasons she is.  This begins conversation and to the untrained eye, the Zor just seems outgoing.  This helps with some of her more obvious spoken honesty’s like “you are old”, “oooooo…you are red (sun burnt)”, “Daddy what happened to him” as the ground work is already broken.  Most people take these comments well as the Zor is cute and young enough it does not have much weight.  This also makes the Zor the center of attention as she will hug and ask all the other adults all kinds of questions. The Zor has always been at ease with those much older than herself.  Prior to her diagnosis we used to joke “that she is 7 going on 21”.  All her difficulties in the age appropriate interactions are forgotten when she’s amongst adults.

In addition this lack of trepidation carries over into other topics like learning to swim, or water ski, or ride a bike.  The Zor lacks sensible fear… which in a lot of ways is a good thing.  She learned to ride a bike in 5 min.  If I throw her in the pool she can almost do a full twisting 1 and a half which is difficult to do off a 1 meter diving board,  cause she lacks fear she “just does it”.  The one minor problem to this is the consequence when something bad happens.  Like riding her bike down the biggest hill next to our home with all the neighbor kids, the 4th time she was on the bike… She crashed and that was it she was done riding… for a while.  Her danger sense or lack there of is intertwined or the same as the sense that she cannot predict or discern a punishable outcome.  I will discuss this many times throughout future posts.  This lack enables the Zor to experience many things that you and I have to talk ourselves into.  We celebrated the Zor’s 4th birthday at Disneyland.  We went on all the rides… What do you think was the Zor’s favorite?… Big Thunder Mountain. She like Space Mountain and the Matterhorn too, though technically she was too short for any of them according to the sign! We went on Big Thunder Mountain like 2 dozen times in a row… and she wanted to be in the last car! Grandma pleaded… lets go see the princess, or lets ride the Nemo ride… “Grandma your riding with me… right?” to which grandma would say “can’t daddy?” “No grandma it’s my birthday, and you said you would ride with me.”  The Zor loves coasters!

The Zor is happy most of the time even when driving you crazy! She is generally a happy kid!

While her condition makes her rearing a challenge, it simultaneously makes her more endearing!



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